Monday, October 28, 2013

Half Way Mark & Visit from the Millers

My dad reached his "half way through chemo" mark this week, not sure if you get a chip for that or not.. but you should! ;-) He is continuing to heal and gain strength since the surgery. His weight has stabilized and he is going to his office more frequently. All great things! This week my parents are consulting with some doctors to determine if Proton Therapy or the standard form of Radiation will be the best suited treatment. We will let you know how that turns out. My parents had a wonderful visit from my mom's sister and husband. My Aunt Judi and Uncle Tom came in from California to spend some time with the folks. While I was growing up our families took turns travelling to visit each other every summer. We have very fond memories of the Miller clan. I know it meant a lot to my parents to have them visit.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Every day is "Thanks Giving" around here...

I realize Halloween is still around the corner and there will be no Turkey for my dad this year. But at the Ricks' house it is Thanksgiving every day. Last week was a really good week for my dad. He is 90% healed from the whipple surgery and has even gained 4 pounds! (This can be credited to the persistent love and care of my mom.) It was also his week off chemo, so his energy was up and he was able to go the office and also Church on Sunday (as long as he wore a surgical mask.) Unfortunately for the next few months being in crowds or around young children is still not encouraged. He did the math on his church attendance and concluded he has missed more Church service in the last three months than combining his entire life of missed church service. (You could say he is the Brett Farve of Church goers.) He felt very uplifted to be able to attend Church last week and also to listen to LDS General Conference this weekend. Dad just started his third round of Chemo this week. We were highly encouraged by the oncologist who indicated they will probably do a CT Scan the end of his 4th round and radiation might be moved up a few months. This is very good news and we are looking at the different options available including the possibility of Proton therapy. We will know more the end of this series and/or possibly the fourth, but so far things look very good based on his blood work and how his body is responding to the treatment. My visit home and been so nice and I have really cherished this time with my parents. They are such amazing people and examples in my life and I continue to learn from them each day. They have always been the utmost example of hard work and gratitude and that has been magnified during this time. I love listening to their prayers of gratitude and love for the small things each day; food, a visitor and even chemo treatment. They have been so touched by the out pour of love and support and especially the prayers and notes in their behalf. ***On a side note, I would like to point out that I did not give my dad the wrong pills while visiting or cause any comas. :-) However, I did entrust Jamie and Nikki with my precious babies so I could come spend time with my parents. They have been having the time of their lives with their Aunties in Chicago. So a special thanks to them as well for making my visit happen! ;-)