Friday, September 13, 2013

*Sleep coma and SAA*

The last week has been full of events, progress and sleeeeeeeep. Yesterday, I accidentally gave my dad a pain killer instead of an anti-nausea pill, which in turn knocked him out cold for a solid 12 hours. Woops! A little sleep never hurt anyone. Sorry pops for the mix up, but hey, if you're sleeping, it's hard to be nauseated. Right?

A couple nights ago, the young women from my parents' church and their leaders spent time making my dad a super warm, super soft, and super healing blanket of love. And in my dad's words "It warms my body AND my heart." A huge thank you to all who were involved and the efforts put into "warming" my dad up.

Dad's weight loss has slowed. He's lost only a couple more pounds, and we think it's probably due to the fact that he's taking so many walks these days, and is more active than before. Now, we need to work on getting more calories in him to support his activities. He's also feeling confident that his body has just about completely healed from the whipple procedure, and that any pain/discomfort/side effects are more than likely attributed to chemo.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to participate in the Swim Across America event in Seattle. Jordan (my husband) was able to fly in for the weekend and spend time with my parents, and participate in the event also. Team Bruce consisted of several individuals who love and care for my dad. Over the past couple months, our team has hustled and bustled for donations for this cause. All funds went directly to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which is where my Dad received his initial treatment and recovery, and is getting is chemo treatment via their Tri Cities Oncology site. Also, as the cherry on top, donations this year go specifically to a Pancreas Cancer Developmental Research Program to help design new and optimize current treatments for pancreatic cancer. It was a special, emotional, and fulfilling day. An additional highlight of the day was randomly running into my dad's whipple surgeon after the swim, Dr. Pillarisetty. It was nice to be able to spend time with him and thank him for saving my dad's life. Dr. P is also involved in charity work - to access his fundraiser, click here: I'm so happy to have been a part of something that brought loved ones of my dad together, and will hopefully have an impact on his specific type of cancer. A special thanks to Charlie Cunnick for leading our team in such a successful event, trekking all the way out to Seattle for it, and giving us an avenue to involve ourselves in something near to our hearts and that will have such a positive impact. Thank you to everyone who participated as team members and also everyone who made a donation. Team The Bruce was amazing, and hit it out of the ballpark by raising just under $10,500 (before corporate matching funds - which will put us over 12k). To view our team page or to make a donation (you still can!) click here:     Thank you, all!

I fly home tomorrow with a heavy heart. Being at home with my parents has been wonderful. It's been a special time, and I've cherished the conversations we've had, and even under the trying circumstances, I will cherish the new memories we've made - especially the SAA event, and even the sleep coma I accidentally induced on my dad.

Love to all,


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Up! Up! Up!

Hello all!

Jamie here. I'm in Washington again with my parents, happy to be back out, helping, and spending time. Last week was my Dad's week off of chemo, and it was a week full of progress. He's healed enough from his surgery now that he doesn't hate the thought of food. His weight loss has topped off for the time being. He was even able to make it down to the his office for a few hours! And most importantly, his spirits are up up up - he's even considering doing pranks on people, which says a lot. (Watch out!)

This week he was back on his chemo schedule. Making trips to the chemo center each week has been surprisingly inspiring. As you walk into the building, there are huge iron pillars, that have been crunched and bent, representing the strength it takes to maintain optimism through situations like my Dad's.


My Dad and the rest of our family is pulling strength from so many of you out there. This week, he received some special get well bracelets from the Burns kids! He wore them everywhere with pride, including to his chemo appointment. Thank you, Burns family!

This weekend, myself, and several fans of Brucie are heading to Seattle to participate in a swim fundraising event that we've been working on for a few months. All funds raised go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, where my Dad is receiving his treatment. My dear friend, Charlie, headed up Team Bruce in honor of my dad, and the support of friends from far and wide has been amazing! To view our team page click here:

Overall, things are looking up for my Dad. We have a lot to be grateful for with all of the progress he's making. He still has hard moments sometimes, but is a trooper and feels all of your prayers and well wishes.

Love to all,