Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great News!

The following post was written by my dear sweet Mom:

We were really looking forward to last Wednesday because it was going to be Bruce's last day of radiation but, after his treatment on Tuesday we met with his doctor who was quite surprised at how poorly he looked and felt. As it turns out, his blood pressure was very low and he was dehydrated, among other things. Fortunately, he has a port so they were able to hook him up and give him two liters of fluid which made him feel better but, because he was in a weakened state the doctor felt like there may be something wrong with his liver so she ordered a ct scan and blood workup. We sat on pins and needles waiting for the results (which we would find out the following Monday) and wondering with fearful anticipation.

It's hard to describe the relief we felt when Dr. Mandell told us that his ct scan was good and his labs looked great. It has been a long, long road (nine months) to get to this point. Surgery-done! Chemotherapy-done! Radiation-done! The doctors will forevermore need to keep an eye on Bruce but for now, get some strength back and GAIN SOME WEIGHT PLEASE!

Everyone has been so supportive and caring. We can't imagine going through something as intense as this without the love of family and friends. Our children have been an amazing source of strength to us. They have gone above and beyond so, we want to publicly express our appreciation and say, 'WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!' Also, we know that we have received the blessing of 'life' from our Heavenly Father. It would be an understatement to say that we have been incredibly stirred to our core by this blessing and in all humility publicly thank Him.

To the staff, thank you for always greeting me with warmth!

It's a tradition to ring the bell when you finish your radiation treatments.
Ring a ding!

Thank you Dr. Mandell! We think the world of you!
This wonderful group of people helped make my radiation experience the best that it could be!

With love and thanks to all, Bruce and Jeanie