Thursday, September 5, 2013

Up! Up! Up!

Hello all!

Jamie here. I'm in Washington again with my parents, happy to be back out, helping, and spending time. Last week was my Dad's week off of chemo, and it was a week full of progress. He's healed enough from his surgery now that he doesn't hate the thought of food. His weight loss has topped off for the time being. He was even able to make it down to the his office for a few hours! And most importantly, his spirits are up up up - he's even considering doing pranks on people, which says a lot. (Watch out!)

This week he was back on his chemo schedule. Making trips to the chemo center each week has been surprisingly inspiring. As you walk into the building, there are huge iron pillars, that have been crunched and bent, representing the strength it takes to maintain optimism through situations like my Dad's.


My Dad and the rest of our family is pulling strength from so many of you out there. This week, he received some special get well bracelets from the Burns kids! He wore them everywhere with pride, including to his chemo appointment. Thank you, Burns family!

This weekend, myself, and several fans of Brucie are heading to Seattle to participate in a swim fundraising event that we've been working on for a few months. All funds raised go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, where my Dad is receiving his treatment. My dear friend, Charlie, headed up Team Bruce in honor of my dad, and the support of friends from far and wide has been amazing! To view our team page click here:

Overall, things are looking up for my Dad. We have a lot to be grateful for with all of the progress he's making. He still has hard moments sometimes, but is a trooper and feels all of your prayers and well wishes.

Love to all,



  1. Here's a quote from our 3 yr. old Logan for today's prayer at lunch, "and please bless Uncle Bruce, to feel all better and be happy so he can play." so sweet. :)

    We added Uncle Bruce to our nightly family prayers upon hearing of his cancer, and the boys now pray for him with every prayer- breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also show the kids this blog and pictures of Uncle Bruce. They know he stayed with Grandma for a while after his surgery.

    I am always so amazed at how much love and faith children have. When they pray, sometimes it sounds as though they are speaking to Heavenly Father as if He were in the room. We love Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jeanie and all of you. hugs and prayers!

  2. Good Day and blessings to Bruce and your family. Lots of prayers and love from Gilbert AZ.

  3. Glad that Bruce is feeling stronger and able to eat. It was so good to visit a few weeks ago. I do love your family. The best to all of you.

  4. How we love you Bruce! Thanks for being such an inspiration. I can't imagine many people who would have such a wonderful attitude amidst these trying times. Love you!