Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pizza! Pizza!

Jamie here. I'm sitting in the kitchen with my dad in a postprandial coma. Yes, that means the Brucie is eating well, feeling full, and gaining weight like a champ. Since the last post, he has seen several improvements. He's been actively working and driving, but is still hesitant to be in contact with too many people at a time due to his low immune system. Thanksgiving marked an important milestone, when he was able to partake of every dish on the table! He's now looking forward to the same satisfaction with the upcoming Christmas dinner.

Dad will be starting his 6th series of chemo on Dec.26th. A cat scan is scheduled to happen around January 13th, which will give us a good idea about if the chemo has been successful. Following the cat scan, he will begin his 7th and final chemo series combined with radiation for 6 straight weeks, for 5 days a week. Unfortunately, he won't be able to receive this treatment from home and will be making daily trips up to the Tri-Ciites. This should be completed by the end of February.

He's starting to make plans, some of them include a day hike up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier on July 4th and a family reunion with all of his kids and grand-kids on the Oregon coast in late summer. Having fun plans on the calendar are good incentives, and fun to look forward to for all of us.

Brucie is up to 156 lbs (thank you, mama Ricks for your amazing cooking). His latest obsession is cheap, cheese, carb-loaded pizza from Safeway. 3 pizzas for 10 bucks. Can't beat a deal like that, if that's what you're cravin'. His energy is up. He would tell you he's the "healthiest chemo patient you'll ever meet." (and the most blessed).

With Christmas a couple days away, my husband Jordan and I are so very grateful to be able to spend this time with my mom and dad. He's leaps and bounds better than he was a few months ago. It makes this daughter's heart happy. So very happy. In the spirit of Christmas, and on behalf on both of my parents, thank you for your gifts of faith, love and prayer.

Stay tuned  - the next post will include our annual Christmas family video. Prepare yourselves for some amazing lip-sinking and dance moves that might haunt you in your sleep.

Love to all and Merry, Merry Christmas!



  1. WONDERFUL NEWS! This is all so great to hear! We'll continue praying for you. And we can't wait to see this years video!

  2. Jamie,
    Thanks for sharing. I saw your dad a few days ago and he was definitely on top of his game again. Great to hear of the plans to Camp Muir. That is WAY BIG. I have been there and it is NOT a walk in the park. Not many of my friends can make it to Muir. KOKO!! (Keep on keepin' on) Best to you and fam,

  3. So very happy to hear this good news! Love to the Ricks family!

  4. Ridiculously AWESOME video & great news Ricks Family!!