Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pink and Purses

Dr. Sue A. Mandell, Medical Director Radiation Oncologist, is Dads new doctor. My parents "absolutely love her!" They feel she is knowledgeable but knows how to explain things in layman's terms. Also, she is happy to answer all of my Dads questions. Dr . Mandell (or like my Dad likes to call her Mandella) had him pegged the first visit. She said "You are a Type A personality that has a lot of questions, and I'm willing to answer them all."

Dad will have 28 total radiation treatments, 3 down, 25 to go. In addition to that he will have chemo pumped into his chest 24/7 hence the black shoulder strap chemo bag which holds the machine.
My Mom really liked this picture of my Dad with his pink shirt and purse. Do with that what you will.

On a personal note - I read this essay in the NYT this last week, about a young man having cancer and his thoughts on how long he has left. I know a lot of us have family and friends who have dealt with similar feelings and situations.

We love you all.

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