Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Update

Well, since the last posting, I have had 2 CT's showing no signs of issues (cancer). So now, instead of doing CT's every 3 months, we are discontinuing them and doing blood draws every 3 months watching for cancer markers.

It is so hard to go from "you're going to probably die" to the word CURED. Still trying to get my head around the reversal, and recognizing the Lords hand, the support from so, so, so many, and my wonderful bride that held my hand at every juncture in this journey.

You also know that you're on a good path when the port that was implanted in your chest has been removed (on Nov. 21st). It was a happy Thanks just before Thanksgiving. We are giving thanks in so many ways that I am having a hard time counting them.

I was asked, many times, what my "bucket list" was. I thought about this and melted it down to the fact that I wanted my grandchildren to remember me so I needed to stay for that and to my pleasure at this writing announce that our family is expecting 2 more of those choice spirits next year! The bestest!

Also I have noted that the Lord looked at taking me, and noting that I am a bit of a handful, and that Jeanie has me better trained, decided to leave me here to continue giving ya'll a bit of heartburn. I am the most blessed guy you know and praise our Father in Heaven for granting me this extended stay.

Hug all those you can, and squeeze extra hard.

May this Christmas season bring you all of the blessings the Lord has in store for us, even trials that strengthen our ties to Him. Here's a fantastic Christmas video for your viewing pleasure.

Our Love,
Bruce and Jeanie

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  1. This post brought th happiest of tears to my eyes! Love you, Bruce!