Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Treatment Update

Uncle Jim rode his motorcycle from California last weekend to visit. Doesn't he look so cool? My parents really enjoyed having him. Thanks for making the trip Uncle Jim!

Dad had his second chemotherapy treatment yesterday. Through the blood work we found out that his Neutrophils ABS (a type of white blood cell) went from 6.0 to 1.3 in a weeks time. If it falls below 1.0 he cannot continue with the chemo treatment. Mom will give him a shot of Neupogen (stimulates the bone marrow to help produce white blood cells) before his next treatment. 

With all of this going on Dad is extremely susceptible to germs and being exposed to illness could be detrimental. So please be aware when you're visiting and again, children unfortunately are discouraged.

The cards, children's drawings and pictures have all been kept and put on metal rings for Dad to look at and remember that he's loved. Thanks for continuing to send those.

We really appreciate the outpouring of love and concern that have come by way of prayers,cards, visits, goodies, phone calls and text messages. We love you and thank you.


  1. Hey there Ricks family! I've tried posting here before, but got denied somehow.... maybe this will work this time. There has not been a day go by since we heard about Uncle Bruce's illness, that we have not prayed for him and all of you. You are the focus of our fasting and with every temple attendance, his name goes on the prayer roll. We love you so much!! Your have our support and concern, and if we could physically do something we would! I can't imagine Mr. "lets rock and roll" being down, but no doubt his attitude is still rockin and rollin'!! Give him a big hug for me and tell him I love him!!! Thank you for doing this blog!

  2. Sending love your way! Thinking of you, Bruce and Jeannie!

  3. Bruce & family, sending much love and even more prayers to you all! Love, Greg , Cari, Kendall & Piper Horning