Friday, August 23, 2013

Sterlings Visit and Update

Thursday of last week was one of Dads worst days. A pretty violent vomiting spell left him feeling weaker than ever before.

Dads digestive system is finally working a little better, but we hesitate to really give any updates because things seem to change so quickly. He's able to eat more food and more of a variety of foods but it's by trial and error because some have an adverse effect, bread seems to be one. Unfortunately, he's still losing weight.

The shot Mom gave him Sunday worked because the Neutrophils ABS (white blood cell count) results went from 1.3 last week to 5.7 and he was able to have his chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday. Those shots pack a pretty powerful punch because Monday he was totally wiped out.

Thank you Sterling for coming from Utah to help out. Sterling asked Dad to make a list of chores which he has completed. What a strength he's been to our Dad!

Thank you little Charlie Quigley for the painted hands that have provided hugs to Dad. How cute are those little hands! What a warm and thoughtful gift.

Everyone has been so thoughtful, caring and respectful. Know that we are sending love and hugs back to all of you.