Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Update & hopefully the last post!

Since the last update I had a clean CT 3 months ago and at that time had some elevated blood indicators but no alerts. Now, three months later I can report that not only the CT but also the blood reports, as well cancer markers, are very conclusive to the fact that each one is in a very positive and trending NORMAL direction. My energy is very good, and I also have to factor in age, ya think, when thinking that I am not where I want to be--it is nice to be OLDER.

I have achieved a bucket list task and have set a "person best" record in that I HAD 2, COUNT THEM, 2 granddaughters in less than 30 days. Brynlee and Bernadette -- yahoo for me!! Since then we have found out that Dale and Dane Smith are trying to help their dad break my record by both their wives being due the same day (go figure).

When we counseled with Dr. Hauk, my oncologist, on June 29th, and he reviewed the blood work, I could tell he was tempted to not recommend the next CT in 3 months, because of all the good indicators. But staying true to form of caution, I am scheduled for another one in 3.

I can truthfully express to all the miracle I have experienced due to God allowing me to stay and the overwhelming love extended by all.
I am back, living! I am not sure what is in store tomorrow, as you all are not, but I do know that today I am trying to live and appreciate air, sunsets, baby cries, hearing about dirty diapers, skylanders, hulk, princesses (too many to name), skyping with a rubber duck in hand, getting giggles all the way from Chicago, and hearing my bride say that I am still "her favorite". Living, ain't it great!

Thank you Father. And thank you all.

All my love - now go live.

The Bruce

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