Monday, June 6, 2016

Recent News

Hi Friends and Family,

We wanted to post a brief update on Bruce. We found out in April that his cancer is back. A routine scan showed that his cancer has reoccurred in his pancreas, and spread to his liver. Because of this his prognosis has changed significantly. His number one priority is to maximize his quality of life and spend as much time with the people he loves as possible. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy in an effort to prolong the time that he have left with us.

Last week our entire family was able to be together on the Oregon Coast. There was lots of beach time, card playing and bonding. We're thankful for every moment we have. Below is a picture of Gramie and Pops with Sloane, Nikki's daughter. This bench over-looked the ocean, and was the perfect spot to watch all the family play in the sand and water.

Thanks to you all for your on-going love and support to our family.


The Ricks Family


  1. We love you Bruce, Jeanie and family. May you feel our love and support for you. Our prayers are constant for peace and comfort to rest upon you during this time of making sacred and loving memories each day.

  2. Please know that I think of you often, Bruce and Jeanie, and I send love for you both.

    Peggy (Chlarson) Grigg