Sunday, August 21, 2016

CT Resullts

Before I get started, this is a good news update.

Three months ago we discovered that the pancreatic cancer was back and that it had found a home in other locations in my body. We made the decision to go ahead with a series of chemo treatments, every other week now for 6 weeks till August 1st. I had a very aggressive cocktail of chemo administered. After the 6th treatment, I basically felt completely exhausted and felt that the cancer had advanced. So much for my self-diagnosis. A CT scan was performed August 16th, it seems in all cases where there has been cancer, each one has been reduced in size by 20 to 25%. The chemo has been doing a job on the cancer, as well as me.

Dr. Weaver (a true angel in doctor clothes) came to our house last Monday and worked us through this turn of events, "it seems you keep defying the odds" he laughed, as did we, while we tried to get out heads around this new information.

Fast forward to today, we met with the oncologist, Dr. Hague (Hawk), and I'm able to take a 4-week holiday/vacation and grab some quality time and then look at options going forward.

Since beginning this trek we had 2 daughters that were due to have babies in the near future and I so wanted to be here to greet them. Check, Romy Day Ricks Crockett was born over 30 days ago and Annie Jewel Nugent was born this last week. We will be able to hold cuddle and love on each of them in the coming week, too cool.

So we are setting new goals.

When we began this leg of the challenge we were asking for prayers of comfort because healing seemed distant. Now I am not healed, but as close as the Lord could get to it at this time He has granted this, and yet all during this time we have felt the comfort of all prayers asked. All of your prayers and offering and calls and cards and hugs and winks of good wishes have bolstered us up. When you kneel once again please thank Father for the comfort and the time that He has seen fit to extend my stay. I cannot tell you in any way the many blessing that has been from our Fathers grace because He has listened. There has been an out pouring of love He has seen fit to extend to Jeanie and me.

I also want you to know of my love for my angel, Jeanie. She has smiled through tears and been at my side with every treatment and mood swing, the best. We gesture a signal between us that represents "you and me babe" often and we can now keep doing that for a time.

Love those around you each day. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. Our love to you seems small in consideration of all the love extend to us. We love you all.

On to new goals,

Bruce and Jeanie

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