Friday, July 8, 2016

4 down, 8 to go!

Last Thursday was my 4th, in a series of 12, chemo treatment. After the 6th treatment we will do a CT to determine whether we are telling the cancer to "go sit in the corner and shut up for a while" or if it has advanced some (or a lot, we may make new plans). The most recent blood tests were good as the tumor markers have a downturn trend (not significant, but downward) and the other blood indicators are favorable. The chemo treatments are rigorous - I go in every other Thursday all day, and then pack a portable injector for 44 hours after that.

We are not able to go to Chicago for Brandon and Nikki's little girl's birth this week as I am just too much at risk right now, but we are so anxious to hear of their baby girls' arrival. Jamie's baby is due next month in Boise. The end of August seems a ways off, but we might be able to be present for that baby girl's birth.

The support from all friends and family has been stellar - cookies, fruit, apple sauce, breads, cards and flowers left each morning by Jim Stevens (Thank you, Jim, for your persistent support!) calls, winks, hugs and prayers of comfort and peace have been overwhelming.

Jeanie and I are being cradled in the arms of all we come in contact with. The Lord has sent each of you into our world and you have brought us peace and comfort.

We are truly blessed and our gratitude is eternal.



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