Saturday, July 27, 2013

Medical Update

A little medical update - Dad is still having a hard time digesting food and keeping it down. We are trying different forms of liquid slowly getting more and more clear. He's doing a little better with sleeping.

He has a consultation with the oncologist on monday in Tri-Cities to talk about his chemotherapy treatment.

Dad is feeling like there's some type of estrogen in his medicine with how often he gets emotional. He is very touched by all of visits, food, cards, texts, phone calls, gifts, daily front porch surprises (Jeanie and Sloane included as well), rides in cool cars, offers to do chores and it goes on and on...

Sloane and I are having a great time being with Gramie and Pops. Pops and Sloane have a lot of similarities.... liquid diet, don't like to take naps, and burping. So there is a lot of good bonding going on.


  1. It was so lovely to see all of you today! Bruce, gosh we love you so much! We'll be anxiously waiting to hear how your appointment with oncology goes tomorrow, and hopefully you'll be able to start getting the nutrition you need!

  2. I just love this- Sloane loves her Pops!

  3. Babies are the best therapy! Lots of thoughts, prayers and love being sent your way -- xo Kiley