Monday, July 29, 2013

Oncology Appointment

Dad met with Dr. Haque today at Columbia Basin Hematology and Oncology (CBHO).

Recommendation was to go in on Friday at Kadlec Hospital to get his port, a small medical appliance that is inserted under the skin just below the collar bone. Then he will start chemotherapy next week (Tuesday or Wednesday). And will begin a four week cycle of one day a week for three weeks and then one week off. After the week off he will start the cycle again and repeat it 4-6 times.

When that series is complete he will have a PET scan (produces a 3D image) to see if  there are any cancerous lymph nodes and then will begin radiation on the pancreas.

Gemzar is the type of chemotherapy he will be having. He fortunately won't be losing his hair - which he claims to be disappointed by. :)

We all felt encouraged that the oncologist felt that this treatment isn't just fight off the cancer temporarily but to cure it.

We hope you all feel encouraged as well!


  1. glad to hear the good news! We're thinking of you all!!

  2. Glad to hear the great news. We continue to keep you in our prayers!

  3. I'm so happy that the doctor is optimistic! I hope Bruce is able to eat more and is feeling a bit stronger!!!

  4. Bring on the Chemo. I was going to schedule to have my head shaved to show support - kinda bummed I don't get to do the Sinead thing. :)

  5. That sounds like good news! We will continue to pray for Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jeanie, and the whole family. We sure love you all.

  6. Uncle Bruce,
    We love you! When we first found out, I had your name added to the Mesa Temple's prayer roll, along with Aunt Jeanie and your kids. You are in our family prayers every night and we hope and pray for your good health and recovery. You have so many people who love you and are rooting for you. I'm happy my Mom was able to help out and give you and your family the support you needed. Much LOVE and hugs!