Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lots of Love!

Feeling lots of love and support! You  know who you are, even if you're not pictured below! It's all very much appreciated. My dad and our whole family has been incredibly touched by all of the reaching out, kind words, efforts, and prayers by everyone.


  1. So...I've been singing a song for Bruce!! It's not as good as Beyonce heehee but
    "Bruce is a survivor
    He's not gonna give up
    He's not gonna stop
    He's gonna work harder"
    Just singing and praying, singing and praying!!
    On a more serious note, I saw a license plate yesterday that said HVFATH. Loved it! Have Faith Ricks Family. I believe that good things can happen for good people.

  2. You're looking great, Uncle Bruce! We love you very much and are thinking of and praying for you continually. I'm reminded of the old "Mormonad" with the yellow balloon floating above a bunch of blue balloons. You really do know how to "rise above the blues." Please keep smiling; your smile is balm for the wounded soul.

    Love, Rachel and Jarom & kids