Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Surgery Went Well!

The surgery is finally over and it went well! Everything went according to plan, the doctors said. The tumor wasn't attached to any vessels, and the margins were clean, which is all really positive.

The doctors said the mass on his tumor was hard and "almost definitely" cancer. The pathology report will be back in around a week.

It's estimated that the recovery will take around a month.

He's in good spirits and cracking jokes as usual. Still coming off the pain medication he mumbled "Days of Thunder, I don't like Tom Cruise but I like the movie."

Thank you all for your support.

He's located at:

University of Washington Medical Center
1959 N.E. Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195
Room #4362

If you want to send mail:

UW Medical Center
4 Southeast
Bruce Ricks
1959 NE Pacific Street
Box: 356086
Seattle, WA 98195-6086


  1. how long do they expect him to be in the hospital?

  2. So happy to hear good news! I live close to UW, and would love to stop by if Bruce is feeling up for visitors!

    1. Hi Emalei!

      Of course, he would love to see you - Jamie is going to contact you personally.

      But for everyone in general he would love visitors. Especially if you come with jokes.

      Thanks guys!