Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ice Chips and Dr. P's Prank

Hey everyone. Sitting here with my dad as he goes through all the messages he's received from everyone. He's so touched by the outpouring of love. Yesterday was a very. long. day. His surgery started at 8:30am and lasted about 9 hours. We were encouraged that once they opened him up they decided he was in good enough shape to continue on with the surgery. We were also encouraged that they were able to remove the entire tumor from his pancreas with good margins. The jaundice should slowly start to go away as his body gets back up and running. During the surgery they removed the part of the pancreas with the tumor in it, part of the stomach, the gallbladder, and the duodenum. We will get the pathology report back in about a week (two weeks at most). The results will tell us exactly what type of cancer we are dealing. Chemo will start in about a month, after his body has had time to somewhat recuperate. (Side note- when my dad was told he would need chemo, he turned to my mom and said "you okay with that?" ...Always thinking of anyone but himself. That's my dad.)

Dad hasn't been allowed to eat anything at all, so has developed a loving relationship with ice chips, but only five chips at a time! So far this morning he has sat up completely straight, stood up, and is now sitting in a chair next to his bed- looking very much forward to walking these halls like a good little patient. 

He has developed a very great relationship with his surgeon, Dr. P. So much so, that for the surgery, Dr. P made about a 5-6 inch incision, but had the nurses give him a huge dressing across his entire abdomen. So Dad thought he was going to have a 20 inch scar across his stomach, and was very excited to show it off. When Dr. P came by this morning, my dad asked him if the large incision helped him during the surgery to see and maneuver around. Dr. P finally came clean and told my dad he would unfortunately only have a 5-6 inch scar. Congrats to you Dr. P for successfully punking my dad. He's still a bit shocked he got "got" but is grateful that the small incision will help him heal faster. 

My mom has been on a bit of a roller coaster of emotions, but is hanging in there and has been such a strength to my dad. 

Still a long, hard road ahead of us, but we are grateful for the victories we've had so far. 

Love to all,



  1. We love you Bruskie!! Hang in there. We are thinking about you and sending all the best thoughts we can your way. Hugs.

  2. You have been in our thoughts and prayers daily. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We are happy to deliver dinner, swing by for a visit, and don't forget we have an extra room if anyone needs it. Love to you and the whole family! The Tranisi Family

  3. I am so glad that the surgery went well and he is doing great! I just love your parents! I want you're family to know that I'm thinking of you all!
    -Christine Cleghorn

  4. We are so glad the surgery went well! We've been praying for you all. Tell him that Ryan mowed his lawn this morning, and took care that the lines are straight. :)

  5. Lookin' good, Bruce! Our prayers have been with you daily as well as so many others.

  6. Glad to hear you are safely through the surgery! It sounds like Dr. P knows you well! That was a great prank he pulled on you. I'm still laughing about it and imagining the look on your face when you realized he "got" you! Alan and I look forward to your speedy recovery!

  7. he looks ready to run a marathon! ;-) as one who had the big incision gall bladder surgery I'm waiting you a speedy recovery!!!

    we're thinking of you all!

    katy, Michael, and Kai Bishop

  8. Love and prayers to the whole family! Bruce, you look fantastic for just coming out of surgery. Wow!! Thinking of you all...all the time.

  9. Hi! We have prayed and thought about you continuously. Please let me know if there is anything we can do. You've helped me almost my whole back time:-) I'm so glad you all created this page..thank you for the updates.
    We love you.
    Woody, Leigh, Macy and Kyle

  10. Sending love and prayers to you all. Wishing for a speedy recovery. Being the hospital is no fun, however being at home and knowing they are things that need to be done really is not fun. Make sure your dad has non mobile things to do for while. and a small pillow for laughing or coughing.

  11. Bruce,
    You must get well soon! Since your leaving, the "enemy" spread the word and are mounting an assault on Sunnyside. Rosalie told me that Denise is manning headquarters and attempting to supply the troops with the necessary tactical data, but, good as she is we have to face the facts that she is not "THE BRUCE". We have put out propaganda that you were in Seattle to be fitted with some updated Kevlar armor and a briefing from the Department of Defense, but that roadblock won't last much longer. We are now hunkered down in a media-free bunker, but the Missals of Misinformation, launched by Fourth Reich local newspaper, keep flying over like fireworks on the 4th ...many exploding in close proximity to our Facebook Foxhole and Blog Barracks. Have to go now, the Stars Spangled Banner is being played by Mike Farmer on a makeshift trumpet he made from the tailpipe of a burned out Honda Civic. We are afraid to stand up to sing as we will be in the line of fire by accordion players with squirt guns filled with red ink. Sorry to burden you with our blight, but you must get well soon...."Paris is Burning. HEAL!!! Reg, Mike, Jason, Flo & Sunny(side) Jim
    PS you will note that this letter is written in code language that only few will be able to break. Over and Out.