Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blowing this Joint (tomorrow!)

Coming to you from a room full of flowers, cards, balloons, and care packages. My dad feels so lucky to have so many people rooting for him. 

Yesterday there was a mishap with the removal of one of his tubes that caused an enormous amount of pain for him. It was traumatic and resulted in me having to yell at a room full of nurses (believe me, they deserved it). He spent the rest of the day resting and trying to get back on track. And boy did he ever! He woke up this morning and did nine laps around the hall with no support! They also promoted him from ice chips to solid foods (happy man) and we found out today that they're discharging him tomorrow!!

His progress and speedy recovery has shocked the entire hospital staff. When he leaves tomorrow he and my mom are under strict instructions not to be more than 45 minutes away from the hospital for seven full days. At that point he will be heading back home to Sunnyside. 

We have been amazed at his recovery from the surgery so far, and know we've got everyone's prayers and support to attribute to it. We are so grateful. It's definitely been a testimony builder of how powerful prayer can be. 

Brucie is in good spirits (as always...well, except for yesterday) and is looking forward to blowing this joint. 

We will be sure to keep you all in the loop when we get the pathology results back. Shouldn't be too long now. 

We love you all,



  1. awesome!!! where are they staying in Seattle?

  2. WooHoo!! That's great news. Jamie-great job on puttin' the smack down on those nurses!!

  3. I friend just shared this blog with me and so thankful as I've been keeping your family in my prayers and hoping for the very best. It's nice to see photos and words from the great kids Jeanie is always talking about at lunch :) All the best to you on this journey Bruce and family!